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Use Caution when purchasing grow boxes by James Lindsay

Beware of dealers posing as manufacturers when purchasing your first hydroponics grow box.

So, you want to begin growing indoors. You have decided to purchase your first hydroponics grow box and grow your own. You are no longer willing to pay the high prices for fruits and vegetables sold by companies like whole foods and he decided to grow your own fresh fruit and vegetables right in your own home with hydroponics. By no doubt you've taken the time to do the research and decided against building a room for hydroponic since this is such a messy and expensive endeavor. It looks like if you're reading this article you may have decided that you actually rather purchase a hydroponics grow box rather than modifying the room.

Since you're in the market for a new hydroponics grow box there is something that I would definitely look out for before you make any purchase. There are other in reputable dealers out there that are posing as manufacturers of hydroponics grow box systems. They will often have the same photographs on their website as the actual real manufacturer of the hydroponics grow box you are actually interested in. They will often put misleading information on the website making it look like they make the machines they sell, but they do not actually manufacture the machines they sell.

Dealers are middlemen and not the direct manufacturers. Dealers are in business to make a quick buck and get out. Customer service means little to in reputable grow box dealer. When you call to ask sales questions and technical support questions you are speaking to somebody that is not truly familiar with the products they sell as they do not build the grow boxes themselves, and often they will give you misleading and inaccurate information on the product you are calling about. The point I am making to you is that dealers do not know their products as well at the manufacturer of the product and dealers will often give you wrong or bad by information or specs that can lead to a lot of trouble in the future.

If you were to actually deal with the manufacturer of the grow box you are interested in purchasing, the chances are you will be able to get a much better deal. The manufacturer of the grow box has much more room to go down on price than a dealer and can often make exceptions and deals that no dealer was not capable of doing. Dealers don't have control over their fixed price and can rarely match the deal you can get directly from the manufacturer. Also when you speak to the direct manufacturer of the grow box versus simply dealer of the grow box you are virtually guaranteed to be getting correct information on the product you're thinking about purchasing. The sales people that work at the actual manufacturing facility of a hydroponics company knows their product lines inside and out. When you speak to a sales representative from the manufacturer you are almost assured with 100% certainty that the information you are giving you is correct and accurate about the grow box that you are interested in purchasing.

If something ever goes wrong with your grow box or even during the purchasing and building portion of your grow box, you really are up the creek without a paddle when purchasing from a dealer versus real manufacturer. If anything were to go wrong with the transaction the dealer can do little to help you unlike the manufacturer who has much more control . When purchasing from a dealer versus purchasing from a hydroponics grow box manufacturer you risk that something could go wrong that the dealer has no control over, and you get stuck holding the short straw on the deal when the dealer and the manufacturer tried to work it out.

It's even possible to pay a dealer for a grow box product and for whatever reason the dealer is delaying in sending money to the hydroponics grow box manufacturer for a few weeks, which could delay your unit shipping out! Many dealers that pretend to be hydroponics manufacturers are often the only dealers with no heart that use your money to purchase advertising and make money off you to real in more victims. That means that when you purchase of a grow box and send in the cash it might not even go to your grow box. Often dealers will rely on people purchasing grow boxes right now to those that already purchased in the distance past and you are actually paying for their machines. I would not be happy about this If was purchasing a machine.

For technical support and that product descriptions you definitely always wanted deal with the manufacturer of the hydroponics grow box and not simply a dealer of the grow box. This way you'll get the best prices when you buy a multiple units, as well at the best technical support and product information possible.

If something ever should go wrong you much better off dealing with the manufacturer directly rather than a distributor who might be gone tomorrow or in your time of need. Distributors rarely think about their customers when the deal goes wrong. Distributor of hydroponics grow boxes have little commitment other than the website in the industry they are selling in just salesman who can sell vacuum cleaners one day and use computers the next.

Dealers disguising themselves as manufacturers often has many websites selling many different products and know very little about anything they sell including the hydroponic industry in general which you really need to be an expert on.

Be sure when you purchase a hydroponics grow box they you are getting it from the actual manufacturer and not some shady dealer who artificially raises the prices to try to rip you off. Don't be fooled by these guys; they are just in it to make a quick buck and leave you holding the bag. When purchasing a hydroponics grow box do your research and make sure your purchasing from the actual grow box manufacturer and not from some grow box dealer who is trying to pose as the actual manufacturer to fool you in addition to rip you off, and charge you more!

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