Monday, October 26, 2009

Best Garage Floor Paint Options by Melissa Patterson

When it comes to garage floor paint you have many choices for your floors. The most popular of these come in latex, epoxy, or polyurethane format. These are very simple to apply to your garage surface.
Many people prefer the epoxy type of garage paint for their floors. The main advantage to this paint is that it will robustly adhere to concrete. The end result is that you get a floor that is very strong and last for a long time. The main disadvantage to epoxy is the amount of prep time that is needed before you apply the product. You need to make sure that the surface is very clean with no amount of debris.

If epoxy is not right for you then you can use polyurethane. This compound will withstand much better to any sort of compounds that gets on it. This type of paint will leave a very shiny finish to your floors. One thing to remember with polyurethane is that you will need to apply a primer coat. This is done because to help it stick to your garage surface.

One last type to consider comes in the form of latex. By far this would be the less expensive of the other two types. However, it will require about 3 days for the paint to totally dry it is applied to your garage floor. You don't want to walk or park your car during this time. Latex garage paint comes in a variety of colors and patterns. You can actually make your floors resemble certain stone and rock design. Latex paint tends to not do well with too much heat. It is a good idea to minimize sunlight exposure to your floors.

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