Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Get Creative with an Accent Table for your Interior by Sharlie Wong

A very useful part of your living space, an accent table can create an impressive impact to any kind of décor. Giving a distinctive style and presence to your room, an accent table can provide an ideal solution for both functionality as well as aesthetic appeal. In fact, accent tables are an interior decorators well-kept secret which they use to accessorize furniture with, capture someone's eye and to personalize homes.
Practical and Beautiful!

An accent table allows you to express your creative touches around the room effortlessly, brightening up any drab area. It can blend in perfectly with any kind of space - be it a niche corner, wall, a spacious entryway or even a bathroom - lending completeness to any living space. You can go ahead and flaunt your favorite curios, place some endearing photographs or just a place to keep your drink; whatever the purpose, an accent table can match it beautifully.

With a mind boggling assortment of styles, colors and designs now available, you can choose an accent table that reflects your personal style and at the same time, refresh the look of your home, making it seem more appealing. Choose from a wide selection of traditional wood, powder coated metal, glass, wicker or stone, or even a combination of two different types of materials to reinvent your living space, signifying your unique style and taste.

Accent tables also come in a variety of shapes, including the preferred triangular accent tables for any empty corners; square stand alone accent tables with storage spaces underneath, mainly used for decorative purposes; rectangular accent tables which can also be designed to hold reading material; or the ubiquitous round which is usually placed next to chairs or sofa ends and can be ornately designed.

Accent tables can also be bought as single units to create a diverting look; or in a set for an integrated appearance. There is an accent table to suit any kind of décor, taste and budget and its use is only limited by your imagination!

What Should You Consider Before Buying an Accent Table?

Accessorizing your furniture or room has never been this easy or fun as an accent table can hold its own in conjunction with any kind of décor. Before buying your accent table, peruse the space you want it for. This will help you determine what type of accent table will best suit your décor, style and budget. Accordingly, you can buy an accent table that can be used to either harmonize a room by matching with the room furniture, or can create excitement with contrasting materials or style.

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