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Tips And Tricks To Remodel Your Smaller Bathroom by Andrew Stratton

Many people have small bathrooms and they want to change the look. There are many ideas that you can undergo to remodel your bathroom and make it look nice.
There are many people who have smaller bathrooms and want to change how they look. You may want to start the process by picking up some home improvement magazines which can help you give your bathroom a facelift. You can either go to a bookstore or you can go to a home improvement store that has some promotional magazines lying around.

You can start by assessing your bathroom to see what it needs. For example, does it need painting? If so, then you can pant it yourself or hire a contractor if you want a professional look. If you paint your bathroom, then make sure you paint it with bright vibrant colors that lighten the area.

You can also change the fixture of your bathroom to give it a new look. Maybe you want to invest in chrome fixtures or make sure your shower fixtures and faucet ones match. If so then you may want to take a trip to a home improvement store and check out some nice designs.

You may also want to change the cabinets or possibly get rid of a few cabinets, especially if the bathroom is small. If you want to give your cabinets a facelift, then you can either replace them completely, or you can sand down and paint over the current ones. If you have cabinets that are in relatively good condition, then you may want to keep them and just paint over them.

If you decide to purchase new cabinets, make sure you get good ones that are within your budget and that will not be too big for the bathroom. Make sure you take measurements before you go pick up cabinets.

You can also change the look of your smaller bathroom by putting wall hanging on your wall or changing the bathroom mat or shower curtain so that it matches the decorum. You can add other accent ideas such as colorful looking towels. There are a variety of choices available so make sure you take your time choose appropriately.

If you have a small lavatory, then there are many ideas that you can use to change the look of it as per your wish. You can either do it yourself if you are on a budget or hire a professional.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Retractable Awnings by Sabrina Jose

The coverings that are found on the exterior walls are called awnings. You can find them either on a door, window or a sidewalk. If they are added to columns, they can be used for commercial purposes. They are very useful for hotels and restaurants as it acts as a canopy to cover outdoor areas for parties or receptions. Passersby are hugely benefited by the awnings as they surmount heavy winds, protect them from the sun and also, act as a cover for rain or snow.
Operational awnings became popular during the 19th century. Fixed, framed awnings with operable systems were replaced by them as they had extension arms that could be lowered or raised to retract or extend. The awning has the ability to quickly retract to protect itself from the wind gusts, in case of a sudden storm.

Owners can effectively control the weather outside their property as today's retractable awnings have eliminated the drawbacks that early operational awnings had. According to proven tests, the area beneath an awning can be cooler by as much as 20 degrees. Air-conditioning costs are reduced as temperatures are cooler inside.

In America, retractable awnings have become widely popular. Europeans have been using them for years as air-conditioning units are not preferred compared to awnings because of high energy costs.

Retractable awnings continue to gain favor in the United States as environmental awareness grows and consumers increasingly try to reduce their carbon footprint. According to The Professional Awnings Manufacturers Association, awnings can reduce heat build-up by as much as 77%, cut air-conditioning use by 25% and lower energy bills by approximately 100 hours per year. The association also says that motorized awnings are used four times more than hand-operated retractable awnings and are a lot more efficient. The main advantage of a motorized awning is that it need not be detached seasonally and so, they are used more.

While using retractable awnings, consider the following factors in case you are trying to maximize energy efficiency with little effort. The placement of the awnings and how far it elongates will prove a point for providing you shade beneath it and inside your home. Also, take into account the angle of shade the awning will provide as it helps in blocking the sun's rays. Sun sensors and motors and other awning accessories will minimize the amount of attention the awning requires and maximize its use.

The fabric is the most important noticeable item in your awning. The coating on the fabric is an important factor to be considered as most canvas fabrics are not 100% waterproof. Always make it a point to look for an awning sun block of atleast 99% of the ultraviolet rays before you buy. Always do your homework before going for a purchase. You can also buy retractable awnings either online or on garden shows. Before you make your purchase, evaluate all the available options.

Try to buy from a direct supplier or a wholesaler when making a purchase. You will be provided with the retractable or roll upon brand names at a discounted price by many suppliers and wholesalers whom you fail to see often on Main Street. Installing an awning can be both tedious and troublesome. Feel free to ask about the installation process and whether it would be done with no additional costs.

Finally, don't hesitate to ask about the worn tees and the money back guarantee before making your purchase. Make sure you save your documentation to prove your purchase and find out what the worn tees are on your awning. You may need your documentation when your awning gets damaged by a windstorm or hailstorm and at a later date after the investment. It is also a safe option to link your awning and your insurance plan so that your investment is covered.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Benefits Of Using Solar Power Outdoor Lighting by Tom Gray

Solar power outdoor lighting is a convenient and easy way to accentuate your outdoor area. Outdoor lighting can be used for safety reasons, such as lighting up a walkway, or to add an aesthetic appeal to your front or backyard.
The advantage to solar power outdoor lighting is that it is easy to use and requires little, if any, type of installation process. Solar powered lights are generally packaged in sets, making them economical and practical choices for any outdoor area.

There are dozens of solar power lights to choose from, including spot lights, garden lights, pond lights, and lamp poles. Solar lights range in price depending on the type of lights you are looking for, as well as how sturdy their structures are. Ultimately, solar power outdoor lighting is affordable and requires little maintenance to keep running. You can also find shades to make your fixtures more appealing.

In fact, most solar lights use LED's for emitting light. LED's give off very little heat and have a duration of nearly 20 years, which means that you do not have to worry about changing any light bulbs. The only type of maintenance that is required involves replacing rechargeable batteries every few years.

Once you have purchased your outdoor lighting, choose where in your yard you would like to place your lights. Because solar power outdoor lighting needs the sun's rays to gain power, it is important that you place your lights in an area that gets plenty of exposure.

Most solar power lights require that they have exposure to the sun for several days in order to fully charge their battery. From this point forward, you will see your solar power outdoor lighting switch on at dusk and emit a beautiful, soft glow. Solar lights are made to operate for eight hours or more, but their duration depends on weather and seasonal conditions.

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Solar power outdoor lighting is gaining a lot of popularity because of the green movement. Make sure to do your research to know what solar outdoor lighting is right for you.

Monday, November 16, 2009

7 Simple No-Cost Strategies For Conserving Electricity at Home by John Parks

Reducing the amount of electricity used in the home is good for your wallet and the environment. Many strategies cost nothing, requiring just a change in habits. Try one or more of these no-cost strategies today for conserving electricity in your home.
Cut the Power

1. Turn off the lights when leaving a room. Use the lowest wattage bulbs that will provide an adequate level of illumination and switch to energy saving light bulbs when replacing those that burn out.

2. Unplug electronics when not in use. When plugged in, computers, TVs and many other electronics continue to use power even after being turned off. Unplugging these items will eliminate this unnecessary and wasteful use of power. As an alternative, use a plug strip and turn off multiple electronic items with the simple flip of a switch.

Double Up

3. When cooking or baking, plan to use the oven or stovetop efficiently. Double recipes, freeze the extra for another meal and then use the microwave for re-heating. When baking a main dish, have a dessert ready to go into the oven while it's still hot. Plan multiple baking projects for a single day, getting the most benefit from the heat created by the oven each time it is in use.

Temperature Control

4. Whether summer or winter, adjust the thermostat by at least a few degrees when at home for big savings in heating and cooling costs. During winter, wear socks or slippers and dress in layers. During summer, opt for lightweight, all cotton clothing. Close the vents in any rooms that are not being used and turn the system off when away from home. If possible, program the thermostat to make the desired adjustments automatically. Open or close drapes, as appropriate, to block heat or allow sunshine into the home. All year round use fans to circulate air and provide for more efficient heating and cooling.

Turn Down the Heat

5. Adjust the water heater thermostat to 120-130 degrees. This will not only conserve electricity but provides a safer water temperature, especially for young children or the elderly. Insulate the water heater, if possible.

Full Loads Only

6. Whether dishes or laundry wash full loads only. Always opt to air-dry dishes, adjusting the dishwasher to the appropriate setting and opening the door after the final rinse is complete. Wash clothing in cold water.

Hang It Up

7. Hang clothing to dry whenever possible. Keep in mind that during inclement weather, clothing can be hung inside which has the additional advantage of reintroducing some humidity to the often times dry, winter air within the home.

Utility companies often encourage customers to use power during off-peak hours. Find out what these hours are in your area and confine heavy electrical usage to those times whenever possible. Some utility companies offer weatherization assistance or discounts, rebates or other incentives for reduced electrical consumption. Check with your provider today for information on available programs that may translate into additional savings each month. Conserving electricity at home has never been easier!

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5 Simple Home Improvements by Martin Troughton

Doing some home improvements is one of the best ways to both improve the value of your home, and to make it a nicer space to live in. While it might seem as if home improvements are an expensive and difficult undertaking, you can do many of these without breaking the bank. Here are the top five simple but effective home improvement options.
The first of the home improvements that really add to the look and value of your home is yard cleanup. The outside of your home is the first thing visitors see, and if the yard is well kept and nicely landscaped it creates a nice impression. Keep the lawn freshly mowed, and make sure walkways are always clear. The addition of a few brightly coloured flowers or plants at your home's entrance makes for a powerful visual punch, and is a simple thing you can do yourself. A professionally landscaped garden can add some major curb appeal and dollar value if you are willing to spend a little extra money.

Some of the most popular of all home improvements are those involving bathroom updates. While it can be very pricey to completely renovate a bathroom, smaller updates such as new fixtures, fresh paint, and repair of any existing cracks can truly give the room a whole new look. If dated tub and sink color and style is an issue, replacement is the best option, however this is fairly expensive and can be left as a last resort since smaller updates can really help.

Home improvements to the kitchen are one of the best ways to update your home. Take a look at your current appliances and consider having repairs and cleaning done. Simply putting new burners on an old stove can make it appear much newer and nicer. Cabinets which appear worn or damaged can sometimes be revitalized with just a coat of light coloured paint. Think about replacing your counter tops if they are older: Beautiful and inexpensive counter tops are now being made which rival the appearance of marble and granite ones.

One of the fastest face lifts for the whole home is a fresh coat of paint. Since walls tend to show wear and tear in ways that can sneak up on you, it is common to not even notice that the original paint colour may now be quite faded. Select a shade of paint which complements your decor, and you might find that the visual improvement is amazing.

The flooring in your home may be one of the areas needing home improvements the most. Since the floor is used daily by many people over the years, it's not always easy to keep it looking new. If you have carpeting, consider a carpet shampoo to bring back a newer appearance. Tile flooring might benefit from a professional steam cleaning. If you are willing to invest in a new floor, think about laminate flooring. It is possible to purchase high quality laminates for very low prices today.

Home improvements are often simpler than many people realize. Using the tips here, you can easily help your home look and feel fresh and new.

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Minor Home Improvements that Can Make a Lot of Difference by Eugene Makeev

Home improvements are essential in keeping our houses as livable as much as they look beautiful. These tasks not only boost property value but also enhance the quality of everyday living thus you are not only investing on your home but the lifestyle that you afford for the entire family as well.

With the economic recession that many homeowners are struggling through, many are finding it hard to finance a project. But sprucing up your New York home need not cost you tens or hundreds of thousand of dollars. Tackle home improvements the smart way and go for minor projects that can make a lot of difference in terms of appeal, comfort and functionality. This article gives out top tips ideal whether you are in Long Island, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, or Brooklyn.

Home Painting

A new coat of paint is one of the least expensive spruce up that any homeowner could have to give a splash of change to any area of their house whether the living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, living room or the exterior. Other than being low cost, you can make a lot of difference in just a matter of days. A fresh coat of paint will let your interior walls emanate with life and a personality that is you while exterior painting greatly makes up for heightened curb appeal. To enjoy the results in the longest possible time, ensure proper wall preparation.

Moldings and Trims

As they say, it's all in the details. Another low-cost but surefire way to bring about interest in any room is through decorative moldings and trims. Dressing up the walls, corners and your existing furniture with these can help you create focal points that make up for an appealing drama in the décor. Addition of decorative moldings and trims also work well in diverting attention off of unsightly imperfections and other structural flaws. It is important that what you add into the room complements with the overall design whether modern contemporary, classic, elegant, rustic, or periodic.

Changing Lighting Fixtures

Lights are home improvement essentials that not only in make the room serve its purposes well but also complete the ambiance. For practicality, more and more homeowners are opting for energy efficient fixtures to get a good cutback on monthly energy bills. Changing lighting fixtures and relocating them can also help highlight home décor that you want to standout in the design.

Upgrade Fixtures

Many homeowners do not realize the dramatic impact that an upgrade to fixtures bring. Overtime, fixtures become outdated and an upgrade will not only revamp style but can also be a way to achieve better functionality. Low cost home improvement may involve replacement of light switches, receptacles, faucets, cabinet hardware and others.


Though the home improvement market now offers a very wide array of options when it comes to materials, wood remains popular for the unmatched beauty and luxurious warmth that it offers. The traditional choice for flooring and cabinets, wood will later show signs of wear and damages making it necessary to refinish. This poses as one of the many benefits of choosing wood for home improvements as instead of replacing, refinishing is enough to bring back the glorious sheen to your flooring and cabinets making them seem as good as new.

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5 Window Treatment Ideas by Ryan Frank

Windows can be one of your home's most valuable assets when it comes to interior decorating. Rather than leave a room's windows as plain, utilitarian features, try adding some spice to them with the following window treatment ideas.
Textures - If you're windows are painted with neutral white or earthy colors, you can give them some attitude by varying the textures of your windows. You can do this by installing, for a example, rich silk curtains and combining them with georgette fabric. Rattan blinds or blinds made with other kind of eye-catching materials can also work.

Don't be afraid of bright colors - While most people prefer to play it safe with neutral colors when it comes to their windows, neutral is not always best. True, choosing the wrong combination of bright colors can have a very bad effect on a room's overall look. However, if you know a bit about mixing and matching color tones, adding some color to your windows can light up a room even more and give it new life. Try sticking with two colors and pick them from opposite sides of the color wheel.

Maximize the effect of corner windows - When you have two windows in a room corner that are divided by a strip of corner wall space, try installing panels or drapes that converge at the corner and cover up that bare wall space. The effect of this set up will be to make it look as if the two windows are not separate at all, but rather a large, continuous corner window.

Make small windows count - Small windows don't have to be a bad thing. You can make them seem larger and give them more attitude and punch by installing window panels that begin well above the window and end below it. Pick panels that are wider than the windows as well. The effect will be to focus the observer's eye outwards, giving even small windows a more dramatic effect. You can add architectural window decorations as well, like tiebacks and finials.

Take it in stages - Getting the windows of your dreams takes time and money. If you can't afford the expensive decorations that you have in mind, start with the basics first. Lighting and privacy control is the first and foremost important thing to take care of. Get a set of nice blinds and drapes. These will serve as the starting point from which you can start adding more decorations, like decorative stair rods, as it becomes affordable.

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