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Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Retractable Awnings by Sabrina Jose

The coverings that are found on the exterior walls are called awnings. You can find them either on a door, window or a sidewalk. If they are added to columns, they can be used for commercial purposes. They are very useful for hotels and restaurants as it acts as a canopy to cover outdoor areas for parties or receptions. Passersby are hugely benefited by the awnings as they surmount heavy winds, protect them from the sun and also, act as a cover for rain or snow.
Operational awnings became popular during the 19th century. Fixed, framed awnings with operable systems were replaced by them as they had extension arms that could be lowered or raised to retract or extend. The awning has the ability to quickly retract to protect itself from the wind gusts, in case of a sudden storm.

Owners can effectively control the weather outside their property as today's retractable awnings have eliminated the drawbacks that early operational awnings had. According to proven tests, the area beneath an awning can be cooler by as much as 20 degrees. Air-conditioning costs are reduced as temperatures are cooler inside.

In America, retractable awnings have become widely popular. Europeans have been using them for years as air-conditioning units are not preferred compared to awnings because of high energy costs.

Retractable awnings continue to gain favor in the United States as environmental awareness grows and consumers increasingly try to reduce their carbon footprint. According to The Professional Awnings Manufacturers Association, awnings can reduce heat build-up by as much as 77%, cut air-conditioning use by 25% and lower energy bills by approximately 100 hours per year. The association also says that motorized awnings are used four times more than hand-operated retractable awnings and are a lot more efficient. The main advantage of a motorized awning is that it need not be detached seasonally and so, they are used more.

While using retractable awnings, consider the following factors in case you are trying to maximize energy efficiency with little effort. The placement of the awnings and how far it elongates will prove a point for providing you shade beneath it and inside your home. Also, take into account the angle of shade the awning will provide as it helps in blocking the sun's rays. Sun sensors and motors and other awning accessories will minimize the amount of attention the awning requires and maximize its use.

The fabric is the most important noticeable item in your awning. The coating on the fabric is an important factor to be considered as most canvas fabrics are not 100% waterproof. Always make it a point to look for an awning sun block of atleast 99% of the ultraviolet rays before you buy. Always do your homework before going for a purchase. You can also buy retractable awnings either online or on garden shows. Before you make your purchase, evaluate all the available options.

Try to buy from a direct supplier or a wholesaler when making a purchase. You will be provided with the retractable or roll upon brand names at a discounted price by many suppliers and wholesalers whom you fail to see often on Main Street. Installing an awning can be both tedious and troublesome. Feel free to ask about the installation process and whether it would be done with no additional costs.

Finally, don't hesitate to ask about the worn tees and the money back guarantee before making your purchase. Make sure you save your documentation to prove your purchase and find out what the worn tees are on your awning. You may need your documentation when your awning gets damaged by a windstorm or hailstorm and at a later date after the investment. It is also a safe option to link your awning and your insurance plan so that your investment is covered.

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