Monday, November 9, 2009

Minor Home Improvements that Can Make a Lot of Difference by Eugene Makeev

Home improvements are essential in keeping our houses as livable as much as they look beautiful. These tasks not only boost property value but also enhance the quality of everyday living thus you are not only investing on your home but the lifestyle that you afford for the entire family as well.

With the economic recession that many homeowners are struggling through, many are finding it hard to finance a project. But sprucing up your New York home need not cost you tens or hundreds of thousand of dollars. Tackle home improvements the smart way and go for minor projects that can make a lot of difference in terms of appeal, comfort and functionality. This article gives out top tips ideal whether you are in Long Island, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, or Brooklyn.

Home Painting

A new coat of paint is one of the least expensive spruce up that any homeowner could have to give a splash of change to any area of their house whether the living room, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, living room or the exterior. Other than being low cost, you can make a lot of difference in just a matter of days. A fresh coat of paint will let your interior walls emanate with life and a personality that is you while exterior painting greatly makes up for heightened curb appeal. To enjoy the results in the longest possible time, ensure proper wall preparation.

Moldings and Trims

As they say, it's all in the details. Another low-cost but surefire way to bring about interest in any room is through decorative moldings and trims. Dressing up the walls, corners and your existing furniture with these can help you create focal points that make up for an appealing drama in the décor. Addition of decorative moldings and trims also work well in diverting attention off of unsightly imperfections and other structural flaws. It is important that what you add into the room complements with the overall design whether modern contemporary, classic, elegant, rustic, or periodic.

Changing Lighting Fixtures

Lights are home improvement essentials that not only in make the room serve its purposes well but also complete the ambiance. For practicality, more and more homeowners are opting for energy efficient fixtures to get a good cutback on monthly energy bills. Changing lighting fixtures and relocating them can also help highlight home décor that you want to standout in the design.

Upgrade Fixtures

Many homeowners do not realize the dramatic impact that an upgrade to fixtures bring. Overtime, fixtures become outdated and an upgrade will not only revamp style but can also be a way to achieve better functionality. Low cost home improvement may involve replacement of light switches, receptacles, faucets, cabinet hardware and others.


Though the home improvement market now offers a very wide array of options when it comes to materials, wood remains popular for the unmatched beauty and luxurious warmth that it offers. The traditional choice for flooring and cabinets, wood will later show signs of wear and damages making it necessary to refinish. This poses as one of the many benefits of choosing wood for home improvements as instead of replacing, refinishing is enough to bring back the glorious sheen to your flooring and cabinets making them seem as good as new.

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