Monday, October 12, 2009

Shower Doors by Tom Gray

Whether you purchase shower doors as an enclosure for a stall shower or a tub shower, the convenience and added features are well worth the extra cost. Shower curtains require replacement at least once or twice a year due to growth of scale, mold and bacteria from constant moisture on the surface. Shower doors are durable and provide maximum protection to floors and walls from moisture accumulation. They are available in a wide variety of styles that meet most any decor needs. These doors slide along a double track at the top and bottom of the frame. Another popular model is one that allows for the hinged doors to open outward to enter and exit. There are doors curved to fit stall showers. For tub showers, some doors are angular with a right and left-sided curve inward. Depending upon the type of material shower doors are manufactured from, costs are relatively reasonable.

Benefits of Doors In Shower Areas The benefit of doors in shower areas is how well they maintain a dry area outside the shower. Water droplets after a shower create hazards on slippery bathroom floors. They are also great for privacy in very busy bathrooms, when designed with frosted, tempered safety glass or from poly resins. Many are etched with lovely designs that enhance bathroom style. They provide plenty of much-needed light in shower areas. Some shower doors are framed in chrome, brass or nickel which makes an elegant accent for the design.

Sizing Doors for Showers and Tubs It's important to know the correct size of the door for the shower or tub area if this is a do-it-yourself project. A seal around the edges of the door also needs to be installed to prevent water from escaping through any tiny openings between shower wall and door.

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Shower doors are an important consideration in your bathroom design. A magnetic door stop is an invaluable addition to you glass doors as they can easily shatter.

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