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Chlorine Water Filter Avoid This Mistake In Buying A Chlorine Water Filter by michaelroger09

Don't buy a chlorine water filter for the shower unless they also remove THMs. Your health is at stake.

Chlorine shower head filters first came on the market as an aid to people with sensitive skin or those who were concerned about the appearance of their hair and skin. There were no perceived health threats at the time, because the results of scientific research were withheld for a number of years. Now, we know the truth.

The act of chlorination and chemical disinfection, in general, releases toxins that cause cancer. It is not chlorine that poses the biggest threat, but THMs or trihalomethanes. Yet, there are still a number of chlorine filters for the shower that do nothing to remove THMs. Actually, they only remove about 50% of the chloramines.

The research results were not originally published, because many scientists were concerned that the public would call for an end to chlorination. That would cause an increase in the number of waterborne illnesses that we see every year.

There may be alternatives to chlorination, but, thus far, researchers have found no method that does not result in the release of THMs, other than UV light. The problem with UV disinfection is that it doesn't prevent algae and bacterial growth in the pipes that lead to our homes. So, until the technology advances, we need chlorine shower head filters, but we need the ones that remove trihalomethanes.

If you regularly swim in chlorinated pools, researchers insist that your cancer risk is unacceptable, assuming that the waters in your household are also chlorinated.

Of the top five chlorine shower head filters on the market, only three remove THMs. One of them costs a lot more than the other two, so I did a little research to find out why.

Wellness Enterprises' chlorine filters for the shower cost $249.00, a replacement cartridge costs $189.00 and the cost of use is $16.00 per month.

One of the other chlorine shower head filters costs $67.99, replacement cartridges are $42.00 and the estimated cost of use is $7 per month, but it removes exactly the same amounts of all of the toxins mentioned here, as well as VOCs, lead and copper.

I thought there had to be some difference, something to account for the extreme difference in price. I found out that it was two rocks.

Wellness' chlorine filters for the shower contain two types of "rare volcanic stones". I can't really say how "rare" they are, but I looked at a geological map and found that they exist in many different parts of the world.

Wellness chlorine shower head filters are supposed to "imbue" health giving qualities to the water that passes over the rocks. That's simply impossible.

With an ion exchange step, traces of lead and copper can be exchanged for some minerals, but Wellness claims not to use that step. Personally, I decided to buy the chlorine filters for the shower that cost $67.99 and I feel "well". Hope you do, too.

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